View Full Version : Want to upgrade suspension on my 2012 2SS/RS

12-06-2022, 08:36 PM
I recently got a 2012 2SS/RS and I would love to upgrade the suspension. I dont need to go to the drag strip or track, I just want a nice feeling and handling car. Also, any ideas on wheel hop specifically? What are the first things people typically upgrade in the suspension?

12-06-2022, 08:42 PM
Since you specifically mention the wheel hop problem, I would go with a set of trailing arms and toe rods. You can just go with the 1LE kit, I see it online from Pace for a little over a thousand bucks. I would get that kit, plus z28 control arms (200-800 $) and solid cradle bushings, (500 bucks maybe) and you'll have a very nice handling ride.