The rarest chevy engine ever made

With just 57 units produced, the rare Z11 V8 is the rarest Chevrolet engine ever and remains valuable today.
The Z11 V8 was a powerful drag racing engine based on enhancements made to the 409 ci V8, with output between 480-525 HP.
The ZL1 V8 was another rare Chevrolet engine, producing around 550 HP and valued at up to $850,000 for a Concours condition example.
Chevrolet has brought a ton of amazing engines to market over the past 110+ years. Highlights range from modern muscle car powerhouses such as its LS9 and LS7 V8s to classics such as the mighty 454 ci big block V8s used in the likes of the Chevy Chevelle SS in the 1960s.